Automate - And Free Up Time and Money for Everything that Requires People

Are you and your colleagues aware of the many new opportunities that robots and automation have already created for the healthcare sector?

New Technologies for Your Work Tasks

Technology has come on leaps and bounds in recent years – and at R-24 you can experience the latest technologies and solutions that your colleagues in the field are using to optimise their work tasks, whether they work in hospitals, care centres, residential homes or other busy workplaces in the welfare sector.

Find inspiration in their experiences with automating a wide range of processes and engage in dialogue with developers and integrators who can help automate your workflows.

Automatisering af pipettering

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Reduce Physical Strain and Prevent Sick Leave

Improve your work environment with automation and robotic assistance for those stressful, repetitive tasks.

Servicerobot til desinfektion i sundhedssektoren

Prevent the Spread of Infection

Use self-driving service robots for transport, disinfection, etc. between departments in the workplace.

Retain and Attract Good Healthcare Professionals

Make it more attractive to work in healthcare in your region or municipality because technology makes the jobs healthier and more interesting.

Avoid Being Overwhelmed by the Elderly Burden

Meet the challenge of a growing number of elderly people in society without overburdening healthcare professionals. Free up time and resources for presence by delegating routine tasks to robots.

Get Inspiration for a Well-Considered Automation Strategy

Reflect on where in your organisation’s workflow people make a difference for citizens and patients with their presence and where they don’t. Then you can create a well-considered automation strategy.

Maskinstyring med kollegaer


Learn from others in the public sector who have automated manual tasks


Every year, a large number of lab technicians take long-term sick leave due to handheld pipetting, which is hard on the hands, wrists and arms.

More and more test labs are now using a flexible alternative to gruelling manual pipetting: With small, easy-to-use robots, it pays to automate both small and frequently changing pipetting tasks in the lab and improve the working environment in addition to the existing large lab robots.

Robot til pipettering
Robotter til pleje- og genoptræning af ældre


The healthcare system is short of people on all fronts, so it’s important to invest time in something that really makes a difference.

This is where rehabilitation robots come in, and in 2021, the technology made its breakthrough in more and more rehabilitation centres.

The experience is that the technology works – for patients, healthcare professionals and society.


As the first hospital in Denmark, Rigshospitalet has received an autonomous disinfection robot as a donation from the European Commission. The robot will be used to reduce hospital infections such as Covid-19.

Robotter til desinfektion i sundhedsvæsenet