Lower Costs, Faster Manufacturing, and Greener Production with Automation

Denmark has been a pioneer in the development of commercial wind energy since the early 1970s when the wind industry was born.

In an industry with fierce global competition on energy prices, it’s now important to be at the forefront of automation as well.

Optimise Across the Entire Energy Value Chain

At R-24, you can experience the latest technologies and learn about the opportunities to optimise tasks across the entire energy value chain, from energy production and energy infrastructure to energy storage and energy efficiency.

Also discover what drones and robots can do for your business in the service and maintenance sector.

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Produce More Cost-Effectively

Counter rising energy prices by optimising and automating all bottlenecks and costly links in your company’s value chain.

Optimise Cycle Times with Robots and Automation

Eliminate wasted time and document quality when producing costly components for nacelles/wind turbines and other large components for energy production.

Turn Green Investments into Profits

Green energy and new infrastructure call for optimisation of costs for operation, service and maintenance of offshore wind farms, solar panels, etc. Consider drones, robots and automation today.

Automate the Office

Administrative processes often have untapped potential for optimisation via RPA (Robotic Process Automation).

Be known as the Company with Well-Oiled Processes

Inefficiency is demotivating. You’re competing with your peers to be the most attractive workplace in the energy sector.

Get Robots to do the Waste Sorting

With increased computing power and hyperspectral cameras, modern robots can analyse waste in fractions of a second for the benefit of, for example, incineration plants.

Move Flows where the Need is Greatest

The degree of automation in the processes of international electricity trade is extremely high. Digitalisation and increased collaboration across Europe means that power can more easily be moved to where it is needed most.


Learn from others in the energy sector who have optimised and automated tasks

Production of wind turbine components

Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy (SGRE) is a leading global wind turbine player with several branches in Denmark. In Brande, they produce generators for their 3.0 MW wind turbines for their onshore customer segment.

SGRE wanted to make their generator production line more flexible, improve efficiency and increase production capacity. In short, they wanted a step line instead of the old pulse line.

Wind Turbine Blade Cleaning

When a wind turbine blade spins, the tip can move up to 300 kilometres per hour. When wind and raindrops hit, the surface flakes off, creating instability in the blade.

This usually requires costly maintenance under strict safety measures, but this process can be automated to reduce costs and increase safety.