Automate Construction for a Healthier and More Efficient Work Environment

For many years, there has been very little change in working methods and tools on the construction site, but the breakthrough is finally coming.

The trend in robotics development and the labour market is clear: we need to programme robots, drones, and automation solutions to do what we are not built to do ourselves.

New technologies for before, during, and after construction

At R-24, you can experience the latest technologies before, during, and after construction and learn more about the possibilities for optimising work in the construction sector as a whole.

This applies not least to the working environment on the construction site: Dust, noise, heavy lifting, unhealthy working postures, injuries, and accidents still mean that relatively few craftsmen stay in the construction industry beyond the age of 50.

With robots, drones, and automation, many of the gruelling manual processes in construction can be outsourced to machines, with strong economic benefits and noticeable improvements in the working environment.

Whether you’re a craftsman, building designer, architect, contractor, or similar, you can learn about solutions designed to optimise work in your industry – for the benefit of both owners and employees.

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Streamline the Entire Construction Process

Let robots do the heavy, dirty, and dangerous work – faster.

Reduce Material Waste through Technology

The more digitalised construction and craftsmanship becomes, the stronger the overview on site.

Prevent Mistakes and Increase Safety

Reduce the risk of collisions and injuries with tools like 3D machine control and other tools that allow you to work more independently.

Forebyg fejl med 3D Maskinstyring
Transportrobotter optimerer logistikken

Save Time and Steps with Automated Logistics

Use off-road transport robots to ensure materials are in the right place at the right time.

Protect Colleagues from Dust and Noise

Rout grout with a robot, as well as other tasks that may be difficult to source labour for.

New technology can turn gruelling tasks into interesting programming tasks.

Maskinstyring med kollegaer


Learn from others in the construction industry who have automated manual tasks

Cutting tasks

Aarhus’ iconic high-rise Lighthouse is changing the city’s skyline and self-image.

On the construction site, new records are also being set thanks to a cutting robot that helps carpenters stay on schedule and have a better working day.

Produktionsoptimering ved hjælp af robotter
Byggeplads med materialer

Concrete construction

The technology to automate the construction of new buildings using robots and 3D printing technology has now matured to the point where 3D printers are becoming standard equipment on construction sites.

3D printed buildings are now a safer choice than traditional construction methods. The explanation is that compared to conventional methods, the printer saves a lot of resources: it’s faster, requires less labour and provides a healthier working environment. More sustainable and local materials can be used, so transport and delivery time is also minimised.

3D machine control

The shortage of skilled labour on construction sites is a growing problem.

Contractors are constantly looking for machine operators.

3D machine control addresses this challenge and creates better resource utilisation on construction sites by making each operator more self-reliant and productive.

Forebyg fejl med 3D Maskinstyring