Automate Agriculture or Horticulture - and get More Done, Easier, Cheaper, and Safer

Produce high-quality, sustainable crops in a sustainable way. Reduce your staffing needs and offer the right employees a healthy working environment.

Sell at competitive prices despite rising costs on almost every budget line.

See Specific Solutions for Your Business

It’s truly challenging to run a farming and horticulture business today.

Fortunately, developments in robotics, automation and drones for agriculture address many of these challenges with a wide range of concrete solutions tailored to your business.

At Denmark’s grand robotics fair, you can be introduced to all the technologies – both tried-and-tested and upcoming equipment and technology.

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Make Hard Physical Labour Easier - And Reduce the Need for Hands

Farming and horticulture is hard work. With robots, drones, and automation, you can reduce the need for manual handling while minimising the risk of worker fatigue.

Klimavenlig robot til økologisk produktion

Green Your Production with Robots

Find the formula for profitable, ecological production by automating manual tasks with technologies powered by climate-friendly energy such as solar cells, etc.

Become an Attractive Career Choice for the Young Generation

Meaningful work where you can make a positive difference and take care of your body at the same time is popular with both permanent and seasonal employees.

Maskinstyring med kollegaer

Optimise Weeding in Organic Production

For example, a robot can reduce weeding work in a sugar beet field from 300 to 20 labour hours per hectare. In this way, robotics can meet the growing demand for organic products.

Prevent Tractosis with Lightweight Robots

Heavy machinery compresses the soil and prevents plant roots from penetrating the soil, which can lead to poorer yields, whereas robots are much gentler on the soil.

Boost Competitiveness with Handling Automation

Modern collaborative robotic technologies are equipped with sensors that enable it to also work on tasks such as packing delicate plants like herbs.


Learn from others in the agricultural and horticultural sector who have optimised and automated tasks

Packing Herbs and Spices

It takes great finesse to grow and deliver flavourful, fresh herbs, and it takes intelligent automation to ensure that production is also efficient, competitive and work environment-friendly.

That’s why Denmark’s largest producer of herbs and mini plants, Rosborg Food Holding, has chosen to invest in sensitive, flexible robotic grippers to handle its organic plants.

Robot til gartnerier
Optimer den økologiske produktion med robotter til lugning og sågning

Weeding and Seeding

The world’s first greener robot that can sow, weed, and row clean has become part of the machinery and workforce of organic farmer Eberhard Weisskopf.

He is one of the pioneers in the European agricultural sector, using robotics to make growing organic crops a healthier and greener business.