Step Into the Unique UR Area when Universal Robots Brings Together the UR+ Ecosystem for Odense’s International Robot Event

Some of the world’s most advanced and innovative robots is marked by the logo of Universal Robots – who since 2008 has contributed to set the paths for Danish robotics technology. They will of course be at Odense’s major international robot event, R-24, where they will be surrounded by UR+ partners in their customized UR area.

– Wherever you find people and their dreams of achieving growth, you will also find Universal Robots.

Sune McDonald Bertelsen, who is Country Manager Denmark at Universal Robots, is off to a strong start when asked to describe Universal Robots (UR).

A lot has happened since UR first appeared on the radar with their innovative, collaborative Cobots and the ambition to “create a world where people work with robots, not as robots”.

It was in 2008 that the first UR5 robot turned the robotics industry on its head, and now, 15 years later, the all-new UR20 is here with bigger and better palletizing solutions thanks to improvements for reach and payload – creating greater efficiency.

Skilled at Matching Market Demands

The latest addition to the cobot family only further marks Universal Robots’ continued position as a major player in the big international league. Their robotics catalogue which is now joined by the UR20 is a testament to the fact that UR, more than anyone else, has been keeping tabs on the market and are quick to spot the new trends. Trends that they are, of course, ready to meet.

Svejsrobotter løser rutineopgiver og medarbejdermangel
Sune McDonald Bertelsen

– At the moment, we are seeing a huge demand in welding. The labor shortage in the welding industry combined with the possibilities of welding with UR’s robots creates great solutions and high demand, says Sune McDonald Bertelsen. He continues:

– Our easy-to-use advanced robotic arms are used by companies and organizations of all sizes to assist and meet the changing market. The Cobot can weld consistently with high quality, giving welders the ability to put the Cobot to the repetitive and grueling tasks while the human welder performs more advanced tasks.

Big Changes in Just One Year

Change is important when it comes to the evolution of the robotics industry. It has only been a year since Universal Robots took part in Odense’s big Nordic robotics fair, R-22. In a year’s time, they will be there again when the successor, R-24, opens its doors to welcome the entire European robotics community to Odense Congress Center, and there are already many new things to explore at R-24.

Just like UR’s Cobots, the robotics event has gotten bigger and better, and when the calendar says March 13-15, 2024, Universal Robots will be ready at R-24. They’ll be easy to find, as they are going to have an entire UR universe dedicated to showcasing the big UR ecosystem with their partners.

Sune McDonald Bertelsen continues:

– A lot has happened in terms of products and solutions since we were at R-22, and we are really looking forward to showing it all and seeing all our partners and what they bring, says Sune McDonald Bertelsen. He elaborates:

– Our UR+ partners are bringing a lot of new solutions and products that are guaranteed to inspire, amaze and spark great ideas for companies’ productions.

An Extraordinary Opportunity

According to Sune McDonald Bertelsen, being able to meet all the partners around Universal Robots is quite unique:

– We are very excited to bring so many UR+ partners together in the same hall. It is completely unique and only happens in connection with R-24, so this large universe and products with robot arms from Universal Robots as the focal point is something quite extraordinary, giving visitors a unique opportunity to experience the full ecosystem around Universal Robots.

However, it is not only the reunion with all the partners that UR is looking forward to. They are also excited to meet all the guests at R-24.

– We always get good conversations and relevant inquiries with guests at such large fairs, so we are of course very much looking forward to talking to a lot of guests with an interest in robotics.