Experience even More Exciting Talks at R-24!

Visit the Universal Robots stand and discover exciting sessions that promise to transform your approach to automation.

R-24 is just around the corner. And as we eagerly anticipate the upcoming event, we’re thrilled to spotlight an extraordinary opportunity for attendees. Universal Robots, one of our esteemed exhibitors, is presenting an exceptional conference programme that promises to captivate and educate.

At Universal Robots’ stand you can explore the vast potential of automation in your production. This year, Universal Robots is hosting an array of riveting presentations from both partners and their own experts. Each session is designed to equip you with fresh insights, enabling you to advance automation within your business using their collaborative robots.

Furthermore, you can witness the debut of the UR30, Universal Robots’ new heavy lifting robot, showcased for the first time at a Danish event.

Explore the full programme at Universal Robots’ stand here.

Have you secured your free ticket for R-24? Whether you’re looking to innovate, optimize, or simply explore the latest in robotics, R-24 is the place to be!