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Get More Done in Less Time

Prevent and remove bottlenecks between departments and processes in production so your customers don’t have to wait too long for deliveries. Robotics and cobots can help you and your colleagues shorten lead times.

Combat Stress and Employee Shortages

Prevent overtime by equipping, for example, skilled welders with “little helpers” in the form of welding robots that can do the routine tasks while the welders take care of the complex tasks that require dexterity.

Keep Expensive Machinery Busy

Increase machine utilisation by automating machine tending, such as CNC machines, to free up time and focus – instead of employees being interrupted from their other tasks throughout the day.

Robot blandt mennesker
Robot til produktion

Boost Job Satisfaction and Retention

Eliminate manual tasks that take a toll on the body. Humans shouldn’t work like machines, and most people can’t stand it in the long run. With the huge innovation in robotics and end-of-arm tooling, more and more tasks such as screwing, polishing, quality control, surface treatment, and packaging can be automated.

Leave Internal Transport to Robots

Employees can do more value-adding tasks than transporting items from a to b within a company. That’s why warehouse robots and logistics automation with mobile robots and autonomous trucks are becoming more and more popular these days.

Selvkørende trucks frigør tid til medarbejdere


Learn from others in the industry who have optimised and automated tasks

Warehouse and Logistics

Employees at Esbjerg-based Vestfrost Solutions have been spared a lot of noisy forklift traffic, and they no longer have to manually push heavy trolleys between departments.

Three mobile robots now quietly circulate with 80 trolleys that transport raw materials, components and waste between 40 stations at the white goods factory.

This has significantly improved the flow of the factory, as goods are now available before production runs out.

Robotics has thus made a big difference for a company that has been working at full speed during the corona pandemic as a supplier of, among other things, freezers for vaccine storage.

Mobile robotter letter truck-trafik og larm
Transportrobotter optimerer logistikken

Handling and Packing

Efficient automation at Danpo creates growth and healthier jobs: A new state-of-the-art production line has geared Danpo to become a major supplier of nuggets in Northern Europe to a global fast food chain.

Together with an automation partner, Danpo designed a fully automated packing centre with robotic palletising and automated guided vehicles (AGVs).

The new line strikes a successful balance between production costs, capacity, volume, deliverability, and working environment.

Film wrapping

Less material consumption. Less environmental impact. Less waste at the end customer.
There are gains on all shelves in optimising 8 pieces more
than 20 years old stretch wrapping machines at furniture manufacturer Tvilum. The consumption of stretch film is now 50 – 60 % less when the pre-packed pallets leave the warehouse . Stability and quality of the of the pallets has even better because the film is wrapped even tighter around the the wires on the the pallets.

Optimering af folievikling