Odense Robotics and R-24: Strengthens Denmark as a Robot Nation

A year ago, Odense Congress Center opened its doors to the big Nordic robot fair, R-22. In a year’s time, its successor, R-24, welcomes to the world of robotics yet again, and this time the focus is not only on Scandinavia.
The robot event is attracting international attention and will be even bigger in 2024 with an extra focus on internationalization, and Odense Robotics shares that vision.

Odense Robotics will of course be present when R-24 opens its doors in less than a year. Compared to R-22, the robot cluster has chosen to double their stand area for R-24 – a decision based on both high demand from their member companies and the benefits that internationalization brings.

Strengthens the Danish Potential within Robotics, Automation, and Drones

– Odense Robotics is a national cluster with a vision to strengthen Denmark as a robot nation.

This is how CEO, Søren Elmer, describes Odense Robotics. According to Søren, they help companies create innovative solutions, accelerate sustainable growth, and increase competitiveness.

– We embrace many different needs and help companies exactly where they are in their development – whether it’s an early-stage start-up or a well-established, global growth company, he says.

The global aspect is worth noting. Odense Robotics operates with many strategic focus areas such as access to investment, talent and, not least, internationalization.
– We are working to realize the Danish potential within robotics, automation, and drones, which is a very promising business and technology area, and at the moment we have a special focus on internationalization, says Søren Elmer.

Happy About the Internationalization of R-24

This is also one of the reasons why Odense Robotics supports R-24, which strives to become Europe’s best showcase when it comes to robotics. The event has gained several European partners, and Odense Robotics is excited about the prospect of visitors coming from the US and Europe.

– I am delighted that there is international attention from around the world, and I look forward to showing our ecosystem to the international partners. We know that they are coming from both Europe and the US, and we are very much looking forward to welcoming them, says Søren Elmer and continues:

– R-24 will help establish that Denmark is one of the world’s best ecosystems for robots, drones, and automation – whether you are a talent, investor, customer, or partner, this is where you come to form new relationships and new collaborations. And that’s clearly what we see as a vision for the R-fairs. We look forward to being part of that journey.

High Demand Requires a Doubling of Stand Space

When Søren and the rest of Odense Robotics are ready for R-24 in less than a year, they have secured extra space for themselves and their members.

– We saw so much interest from our members at R-22 that our assessment is that we need extra space for more of our member companies to join us and show their technologies and products. So, in other words there is high demand. An event like R-24 can really showcase state of the art technology and bring the right people together to meet each other, but also to discuss collaboration and knowledge sharing. And that is at the core of growing our ecosystem, says Søren Elmer.

According to Søren, the ecosystem of robots in Denmark that joins R-24 can do something unique.

– The fact that we can create an international and recurring robot fair is vital for a country like Denmark, which sees the whole world as a partner. So, we look forward to standing on the shoulders of a successful R-22 and an even more international fair in 2024. We’ll be doing our part to make it happen, he concludes.