Susanne Crawley

How can we ensure that tomorrow’s talent continues to develop Odense as a leading actor in the robot-industry?
v. Susanne Crawley
Odense Kommune 

What role does the municipality play in securing a strong workforce for the future robot-industry? In Odense we invest heavily in giving our children a strong understanding of technology and securing creative skills as part of their backpack, when they leave school. With specific projects from kindergarten through school, they learn to code and programming, they are encouraged to stay curious, be brave and creative individuals. A digital and technological formation is part of their everyday life. Mayor for Children- and Youth, Susanne Crawley, present her and Odense’s ambitions and specific projects, that will make Odense Municipality one of the leading in this field.

Torsdag d. 13. september kl. 14:30 på Expo stage