Niels Tasior Kodal

Human Skills in an AI Tech Future- Don’t just do good if you can do great
v. Niels Tasior Kodal, Development Architect, Partner
Daxiomatic ApS

Niels Tasior Kodal, Development Architect and AI explorer, founder and Partner in Daxiomatic and has more than 15 years’ of experience in the ERP market. Daxiomatic won the award as the best place to work in Denmark in 2016, and was ranked no. 6 in Europe in 2017. It requires the right human skills to be a part of Daxiomatic. To build great business, you need to understand people’s motivation and your customers’ business platform. Combine that with AI, you will have the future business.

Torsdag d. 13. september kl. 11:30 på Expo stage