Mette Beck-Nielsen

How do we attract the best brains?
v. Mette Beck-Nielsen, Adm. Direktør,
Technology Denmark & industry representatives

Denmark has the potential to be the leading global knowledge and growth region for technology. The key to this lies within education and recruitment. It is the access to talent and the right employees that can lift Denmark as a technological nation into the global superliga. Unfortunately, the employees, which are most important for the Danish technology companies, are also the hardest to recruit – and the problem seems to grow. The challenge for the companies is two-fold: recruiting international employees and securing that the talent pool locally and nationally is sufficient in size and holds contemporary digital and technical skills. Analyzes show that by 2030, we will reach a shortage of 19.000 IT specialists. Needless to say, we need to act now. The panel discussion will be about best practice in the field. How do you recruit smarter and can we do something in collaboration that makes each company stand stronger than alone? How can companies and universities collaborate on attracting talent?

Torsdag d. 13 september kl. 14:00 på Expo stage