Lars Tvede

Intern innovation – sådan overhaler du konkurrenter globalt
v. Lars Tvede, Author & Co-founder
Nordic Eye Venture Capital 

As global competition is getting more fierce, it forces companies to step up innovation of business and products. Lars Tvede will focus on the importance of internal innovation in establishing global market competitiveness and what established companies can learn of innovativeness from startups

Bio: Lars Tvede is the award winning serial entrepreneur who has been awarded the Red Herring Global 100, the Bully Award and the Wall Street Europe Innovation Award for his endeavors as co-Founder, CEO, investor, opinion-maker and board member over the past 25 years, for some of the most influential financial and technological companies on the globe. Today, Lars Tvede is recognized Author and Co-Founder of Nordic Eye Venture Capital.

Tirsdag d. 11. september kl. 10:00 på Main stage