Etienne F. Augé

About the future: time to relax
v. Etienne F. Augé, principal lecturer
Erasmus University, School of History, Culture and Communication

What happened to the future? Not so long ago, it seemed so bright but now looks so scary. Instead of rejoicing over technology, we keep talking about how robots will steal our jobs, and how major corporations will take over the world and expel humanity. In reality, we will decide what the future will be made of. It is now high time to choose what we want and tell these robots about it. And also, let’s make sure we disconnect Skynet before it’s too late.

Dr Etienne F. Augé is principal lecturer at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Author of 5 books, he has worked in many universities in the Middle East, Central Europe, and even Oxford University. Etienne has also given 2 TEDx talks, both about science fiction. In 2015, he founded the Community for Histories of the Future (CHIFT), a platform dedicated to study and stimulate the production of science fiction. His work can be found on

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