Adam Schmidt

Make your factory smarter with HORSE,
Adam Schmidt, Department of Informatics, Robotics and Embedded Systems
Technical University of Munich

The HORSE framework is a set of lightweight tools facilitating adoption of 4.0 concepts in your company. It spans from the high-level Manufacturing Process Management System, through an OSGi communication middlerware to technological components such as Augmented Reality for worker assistance, robot collision detection and avoidance and programming by demonstration. The framework is easily extendable with new, custom-made components and if needed it can be deployed incrementally without a complete revolution on the shop floor. Learn about the first successful deployments, future development plans and ways you can benefit from the HORSE framework.

It’s a process, not a project – becoming a Robotic DIH
In the last years the TUM’s Chair of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Embedded Systems has been in the centre of many initiatives supporting digitalization of the European industry. From introducing of novel instruments – cascade funding in ECHORD, Robotic Innovation Facilities and Public end-user Driven Technological Innovation in ECHORD++, through setting up a robotic Competence Centre, to ongoing activities on building the regional Digital Innovation Hub and a Pan-European network of DIHs. Get to know the lessons learned so far, concepts being tested now and future ideas for the Bavarian Robotic Network.

Onsdag d. 12. september kl. 11:00 på Expo stage