Alf Rehn

Soft Skills for Hard Robots? On Creativity, Culture and Care in the Developing Field of Robotics
v. Alf Rehn, Professor of Innovation, Design and Management
SDU Engineering & member of the Thinkers50

Robotics is one of the key, emergent, potentially exponential technologies that will define the development of human society in the coming decades. It will redefine how we see business, restructure industries, and potentially create revolutionary change in society. This said, it is on both micro- and macro-levels often approached as a purely technological development, and much of the discussion thereof has marginalized non-technical aspects of robotics. In his keynote, professor Alf Rehn will discuss the role of soft skills in both companies working and engaging with robotics, as well as with the multifaceted question of moving towards a roboticized society. With a special focus on how developments in robotics might affect notions of creativity and organizational culture, his keynote will argue for a more reflective understanding of the plethora of skills needed to realize the full potential of the robotics field

Torsdag d. 13. september kl. 13.00 på Main stage