Meet R-22 Ambassador and Keynote Speaker: Esben Østergaard


Experience cobot pioneer and industry giant Esben Østergaard at R-22, the Nordic countries new, massive robotics event. The R-22 ambassador and keynote speaker sees great potential in the event and its all-embracing perspective.

The new Nordic robotics event R-22 is proud to present Esben Østergaard as its 2022 ambassador and first keynote speaker.

As a co-founder of Universal Robots, Esben Østergaard is a prominent figure in the Danish robotics ecosystem. He is an inventor, an entrepreneur, and a pioneer in collaborative robots. Esben Østergaard is excited about the opportunity to be a part of R-22:

– I’m looking very much forward to seeing all the different initiatives going on in robotics, all the new technologies coming and how that plays together with market needs. And as an investor I’m also, of course, interested in looking for good investment opportunities.

Bringing the Industry Together
According to Esben Østergaard, there has been a need for an international and inclusive event like R-22 for some years now:

– R-22 is an important event and we have been lacking a big event connecting all the robot activities – not just here in Odense or Denmark, but in all of Scandinavia. Gathering activities from many countries, players, and companies is a great initiative – especially in Odense. It’s only natural to place the event here in our thriving and strong robotics community in Odense.

R-22 Business Unit Manager, Katarina Fruerlund Deylami, is thrilled to have Esben Østergaard join the new robotics event, and she concurs with the cobot pioneer:

– One of the exciting factors about R-22 is our international perspective, but also the fact that R-22 combines the various technologies with the various sectors such as manufacturing, construction, agriculture, offshore, and healthcare. That will truly set this event apart from other robotics fairs, says Katarina Fruerlund Deylami and continues:

– Moreover, having Esben Østergaard as both an ambassador in 2022 and a keynote speaker, is a stamp of approval from the highest place. His experience, his work, and his visions will bring something exciting to our robotics event.

Implementation of Robotics, Automation, and Drones
At R-22 visitors will experience firsthand how the latest trends and technologies in robotics, automation, and drones can be applied to their business.

Working in industries such as construction, manufacturing, agriculture, or healthcare – new and exciting solutions and implementation can start at R-22. In a global market, these exciting technologies and solutions can secure the competitive advantage.

– People should visit R-22 if they want to learn more about what robotics is and what it can do for them and how it can help develop their business, says Esben Østergaard.

Curious about R-22? Visit or exhibit at R-22 – the Nordic countries new robotics event, from March 23-25, 2022 at Odense Congress Center.