Safe Fair Experience at Nordic Robotics Event


Odense Congress Center has developed the concept “Clean & Safe”, guaranteeing you a safe fair experience when visiting R-21 in the spring of 2021.

When the robotics event R-21 is launched for the first time during March 2021, the fair will run with a strong focus on safety, distance and hygiene.

Odense Congress Center has developed the concept “Clean & Safe” to ensure that fairs and other events can continue to run in safe and secure conditions with lots of visitors.

– Our number one priority is the safety of our guests, exhibitors and employees. And with this new concept Odense Congress Center guarantees that we can comply with government restrictions at any time, says Katarina Fruerlund Deylami, Business Unit Manager at R-21.

Taking Safety to Another Level
Besides the latest guidelines the “Clean & Safe”concept consists of a number of specific steps, elevating the COVID-19 precautions to the next level. Among other things, the fair will be designed in a new way, making sure R-21 can present optimum and secure conditions.

– We are going to have a number of different initiatives such as a vast amount of entrances and exits, wider walking areas and staff dedicated to helping visitors keep their distance and ensuring good hygiene, says Katarina Fruerlund Deylami.

However, it is important for the Business Unit Manager to emphasize that creating a safe fair experience is a mutual responsibility:

– A big part of the success behind a safe fair experience is a massive effort from exhibitors and visitors. That is why “Clean & Safe” also features separate guidelines and instructions for exhibitors and visitors to follow when visiting the fair. We can create the setting at OCC, but we all have responsibility for each other’s safety.

Huge Industry Support
Katarina Fruerlund Deylami has no doubt that the exhibitors at R-21 will do their utmost to secure a safe fair experience. It will be a different fair from the one on the drawing board just a year ago, but the commitment of the exhibitors has not changed, fortunately.

– We find ourselves in the midst of a peculiar time, and it would be odd if this did not impact the planning of the fair. But fortunately, the support from the industry is great. Stand sales are going really well, and we are getting more and more exhibitors each day, says Katarina Fruerlund Deylami.

The conference programme is beginning to take shape, and there are several exciting speakers to experience.

– Without revealing too much, there are some big names coming up. We will also have virtual presentations with exciting, foreign speakers, who are not able to join us at the event in Odense, Denmark because of COVID-19, says Katarina Fruerlund Deylami.

Despite of COVID-19 the planning of R-21 is going great and the team behind the fair has been able to organize their way out of any obstacles. Still, there is a struggle getting the correct message across with one particular subject.

Confusion with Ban on Gatherings
The government’s constant shifting statements concerning a ban on gatherings has left several exhibitors and visitors confused and doubting if they are allowed to participate at the fair.

– It can be quite difficult to make head or tail of all the restrictions, bans and recommendations that almost vary from day to day. As a result, several people believe that they are not able to visit a fair, says Katarina Fruerlund Deylami as she continues:

– But you can visit a fair. It is completely safe – and it is actually allowed. There is no ban on gatherings for fairs, and many are not aware of this.

Fair activities follow the guidelines for shopping malls and therefore a visit to a fair can be compared to customers walking around from store to store doing some shopping.

– Even though we are allowed to gather at R-21, we of course still need to take care of each other and make sure to keep a social distance. “Clean & Safe” will assist us in doing so. Odense Congress Center has the expertise and the facilities to run a safe robotics event, and we are more than excited to launch R-21 next year, says Katarina Fruerlund Deylami.

You can visit the Nordic countries new robotics event from March 3-5 at Odense Congress Center.

Read more about all the initiatives and the guidelines from “Clean & Safe”.

From the “Clean & Safe” concept, these are the main ingredients at an event at Odense Congress Center:

  • Separate entrances and exits
  • Wide walking areas in the halls
  • Space requirement of 4 m2 per person (Odense Congress Center has 20,000 m2)
  • Fairs and events are subject to the guidelines concerning shopping malls
  • Free disposable face masks/gloves for visitors, on inquiry
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