Reduced costs, lean manufacturing, and healthier jobs

Discover how you can realise untapped automation potential in your production.

At R-24, experts are ready to provide advice and guidance on robot solutions and their implementation in production areas. You can see the technology designed to meet your specific needs, and you can meet other operators from your industry and benefit from sharing each other’s experiences and know-how.
Explore a wide selection of mature technologies to automate almost every type of factory, regardless of the product. Meet the professionals who can give you the outline of the possibilities, gains, and advice on how to install robots in your plant.

It is free to visit R-24 – Registration opens in January 2024!

Finetune your production flow

  • Produce more in less time
    Prevent and remove bottlenecks between departments and processes in production, so your customers do not need to wait long for deliveries. Robot technologies and cobots can help you and your colleagues shorten average times.
  • Alleviate labour shortages and stress
    Prevent the need for overtime using equipment, e.g. skilled welders, using “little helpers” in the form of welding robots that can carry out routine tasks, are free to carry out the complex work which requires their unique skills.
  • Keep expensive machinery running
    Increase machine utilisation by automating machine maintenance, for example CNC machines, thus freeing up time and focus rather than interrupting employees doing their other tasks throughout the day.
  • Improve job satisfaction and retain employees
    Eliminate manual tasks that are physically demanding. People should not have to work like machines, and very few people can work that way in the long term. The extensive innovation in robotics and end-of-arm tooling means that more tasks such as screwing, polishing, quality checks, surface treatment and packing can be handled by automation.
  • Let robots take care of internal transport
    Employees can carry out tasks that create more value, while robots can transport components from A to B in the factory. This is why warehouse robots and logistics automation such as autonomous mobile robots and AGV’s are gaining ground.

Visit the different zones focusing on production:

  • Automation & Robots for Manufacturing
  • Cobots & the World of Universal Robots
  • Mobile & Logistics Robots
  • Start-ups
  • Research & Future Trends

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