Technicon Helps Global Manufacturing Companies with the Automation of the Future

Technicon has made a name for themselves in the robotics industry, but what makes them stand out? CEO Casper Hansen knows. And now you can experience it first-hand when Casper and the team are ready to show you the future of robotics and automation at R-24.

It is Technicon’s specialized approach to automation that means that large, global manufacturing companies, especially in the pharma, biotech and medtech industries, look to them to create a tailor-made solution with production technology. But why is it that Technicon is so successful at what they do?

If you ask the CEO himself, Technicon A/S is a nationwide automation house that sells globally leading robot and technology brands. But of course, there is more to it than that headline.

– In our collaboration with companies, we always consider the entire value chain and look at the scaling possibilities so that the solution does not lock, but on the contrary, opens up new opportunities. For example, in the form of increased, stable production, relief, adaptability, etc. We have a large, experienced back catalog of modular solutions to draw on, and with access to more than 400 robot components, we can put together a unique solution that has user-friendliness and high performance at its core, says Casper Hansen, CEO, Technicon.

Connectivity and Integration Are the Competitive Parameters of the Future

The right production technology with fast changeover, less dependence on fluctuations in supply chains, consistently high quality, greater profitability, etc. is increasingly a global competitive parameter.

It is just such a compact, safe, and stable solution that Technicon has, for example, created in collaboration with Radiometer – the global medical technology company working with advanced medical equipment for analyzing blood samples.

– Together we have developed ABL 800 Flex, which handles the previous manual and time-consuming tasks associated with blood sample analysis in laboratories, says Casper Hansen.

But Technicon always focuses on the next step. Being able to connect advanced systems is a global and highly topical trend that will shape future competition.

– Connectivity is something we are particularly interested in – that production units are becoming more and more integrative, while automation and digitalization solve increasingly complex challenges, Casper says.

When the Robots Arrive, Employees Are the Prerequisite for Success

It is the approximately 80 employees in the company who ensure that Technicon can create the innovative, flexible, and user-friendly solutions that are the core service. The employee team is therefore a crucial strength, and as Casper Hansen says:

– We have put together an in-house team of very competent employees. It is their knowledge and experience that is the prerequisite for us to create innovative services.

It’s the same mindset they apply to their automation solutions. Here, the robots take over the “boring” routine tasks so that the knowledge and industrial employees can work on what they specialize in. Something that, according to Casper Hansen, makes for better and more motivating working conditions:

– Let’s take the Mimek technology that we sell. Let’s say you have to sand something to perfection. It’s beautiful, but it can be time-consuming and something that many people consider boring, monotonous work. That’s why it can be difficult to even find employees who can do the job.

– With Mimek, you sand from a distance without coming into contact with dust, etc. Afterwards, the robot/cobot remembers everything and can copy it for the next products. In other words, this is a developing industrial tool, which we can help implement in the production process.

Meet Technicon at Odense’s International Robot Event, R-24

In March 2024, Technicon will be at the big, international robot event in Odense, R-24. Here they are a part of Universal Robot’s ecosystem of UR+ partners, and they are looking forward to it. As Casper Hansen says:

– It is important that Denmark has forums and exhibition venues where different parts of the robotics ecosystem can meet.

If anything, Technicon also supports this. Casper Hansen has joined the Advisory Board that advises the trade fair organizer, and here Technicon helps with experience and knowledge about the industry and not least the future. Something they are also looking forward to show and talk about in the exhibition.

– We look forward to participating to present how today’s and tomorrow’s production technology can effectively contribute to solving challenges within some of the main areas that concern people all over the globe: green transition, developing and value-creating industrial workspaces, as well as empowerment and better jobs, he concludes.