Lower costs, faster production and greener production with automation

Denmark has been the pioneer in the development of commercial wind power since the beginning of the 1970s when the wind power industry was born. In an industry dominated by hard global competition on energy prices, we must now be the leaders in automation.

At R-24 you will see the newest technologies and gain insight into the possibilities for optimising work tasks across the entire energy value chain, including energy production, energy infrastructure, energy storage and energy efficiency.

You will also see what drones and robots can do for your company in the service and maintenance sector.

It is free to visit R-24 – Registration opens in January 2024!

Visit R-24 and learn how robots can help you to:

  • Produce more cost-effectively
    Counteract increasing energy prices via optimisation and automation of all bottlenecks and intermediate steps in your company’s value chain.
  • Optimise cycle times using robots and automation
    Remove wasted time and document quality when costly components for nacelles/wind turbines and other large components for energy production have to be manufactured.
  • Make green investments pay off
    Green energy and new infrastructure require the optimisation of the costs of operating, servicing and maintaining of offshore wind farms, solar cell systems, etc. Integrate drones, robots and automation in your solutions today.
  • Automate the office
    Administrative processes often offer enormous potential for optimisation via Robotic Process Automation (RPA).
  • Let you company be well-known for its efficient processes
    Inefficiency is demotivating. You are competing with other operators in the energy sector, striving to show that you are the most attractive workplace in the sector.
  • Let robots take care of the waste sorting
    Modern robots come with a great deal of processing power and hyperspectral cameras, able to analyse waste factions in seconds for the benefit of, for example, incineration plants.
  • Deliver power to where it is needed most
    The automation of processes in international trading has reached a very high level. Digitalisation and the increased collaboration across Europe means it is easier to deliver power to areas where demand is highest.

Visit R-24 and experience conferences on robotics and drones in the energy sector

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