Welcome to R-24

Experience R-24, the exciting robotics event in Denmark showing you all the cutting-edge solutions within the industry!

Denmark and Odense are known for being at the forefront of robotics. At R-24 visitors will experience firsthand how the latest trends and technologies in robotics, automation and drones can be applied to and improve their business.

R-24 is your opportunity to broadcast solutions and your best practice in implementation. Reach your target audience in a new and innovative setting.

Give your customers a unique insight into the world of robots, automation and drones. Show them firsthand how technology can change their work life – today!

Why is R-24 the Place to Be?
Need an introduction to the Nordic robotics market? Look no further – this is the place to meet your future Nordic clientele. R-24 will offer several exclusive networking opportunities. Take advantage of participating in subject driven sessions, business talks and the private R-24 Exhibitor Dinner.

Getting good leads is key. R-24 is aimed at the end-user, investors, and researchers, and therefore a clear-cut place to establish new connections while also taking good care of your loyal buyers.

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Meet your match at the exclusive Matchmaking area at the fair. This is the place where prospective and curious customers book a meeting with your company. This is also the place to meet new business partners and start an interesting dialogue with specialists in your field. Enjoy the benefits of a private and creative meeting space.

Broaden your horizon, and expand your knowhow with a vast selection of exciting and innovative events. R-24 will offer a wide range of conferences, professional and technical talks, workshops and much more.

Fair Info

We look forward to welcoming you at R-24!
Odense Congress Center from March 13 – 15, 2024.

Opening Hours:
Wednesday March 13                                              9 am – 4 pm
Thursday March 14                                                  9 am – 4 pm
Friday March 15                                                         9 am – 3 pm


Exclusive Exhibitor Events:

Thursday March 14
Red Hour                                                                    4 pm – 5.30 pm
R-24 Networking Dinner                                     6 pm – 10 pm

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