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Visiting R-24 is made easy by dividing exhibitors into zones, matching the technology and solutions offered by each exhibitor.
Below you will find a short introduction to each zone:

  • Automation & Robots for Manufacturing
    Solutions displayed in this area will cover a wide variety of manufacturing from different industries. This zone includes both Robots for Manufacturing, but also Automation solutions with no robot integrated.
  • Drones
    Do you have a drone? Or are you bringing a drone-related software to show? Then the Drone Zone is the perfect place for you to exhibit.
  • Cobots
    Showcase cobots and cobot applications in the Cobots Zone. This area will feature a wide range of industry solutions.
  • Mobile & Logistics Robotics
    Solutions shown in this area will cover AMR’s and AGV’s used in industries such as manufacturing, agriculture and many more. Also, are you bringing a robot or other automation systems for logistics? Then this is the zone for you.
  • Research & Future Trends
    Publish state-of-the-art research projects, publicize your newest findings and showcase new developments in the zone for Research & Future Trends. The zone is aimed at universities, GTS-institutes and other research organizations.
    Do you fit the segment, but have nothing new to reveal? Please book a stand in the zone for Support & Consultancy.
  • Startups
    As a company younger than two years you can be a part of the Startup Zone. At R-24, we have a strong focus on highlighting exhibiting startups just as much as the giant companies.
  • Support & Consultancy
    R-24 welcomes exhibitors offering support and consultancy to end-users, robot integrators and robot suppliers. This zone will cover a wide range of development companies, consultancies, agents and many more.
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