Automate your farm or market garden – and get more work done, easier, cheaper and safer

Produce sustainable, high-quality crops in a sustainable way. Reduce dependency on labour and give existing employees a healthier working environment. Sell your produce at competitive prices despite the rising costs of almost everything involved.

The reality is that running a farm or garden centre is a challenging activity today. Fortunately, developments in robotics technologies, automation and drones for agriculture address several of the challenges that you face with a wide selection of specific solutions, tailored to meet the needs of your business.

At Denmark’s first purely robotics trade fair, you will learn about all of the technologies – both the tried-and-tested and the coming equipment and technology.

It is free to visit R-24 – Registration opens in January 2024!

Visit R-24 and learn how automation can help you to:

  • Make the physical work easier – and reduce the need for labour
    Running a farm or garden centre is hard work. Using robots, drones and automation, you can reduce the need for manual work and at the same time reduce the risk of your employees being worn down physically.
  • Make production greener using robots
    Find the key to profitable, organic production by automating manual tasks using technologies powered by environmentally friendly energy, such as solar cells, etc.
  • Be an attractive workplace for the younger generation
    Meaningful work, where you make a difference, while at the same time take care of your body, is increasingly very important parameters for full-time employees and seasonal workers.
  • Optimise weeding in organic production
    A robot can for example, reduce the work involved in weeding on a sugar beet field from 300 to 20 hours per hectare. Thus, robot technology helps to meet the growing demand for organic products.
  • Prevent soil compaction using lightweight robots
    Heavy machinery compacts the soil and prevents plant roots from penetrating the soil, which can result in poor yields. Robots are much more kinder to the soil.
  • Improve competitiveness using automation of manual tasks
    Modern collaborative robot technologies are equipped with sensors that enable them to, for example, pack delicate plants and herbs.

Come to the R-24 conferences and gain insight into robotics for agriculture and garden centres.

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