Automate construction – and get a healthier and more effective working environment

For many years there has been little change to working methods and tools used on construction sites – but now at long last that is all changing in a dramatic way. Robotics developments and labour market trends are clear: We shall programme robots, drones and automated solutions to do the work our bodies were never designed to do.

At R-24 you can see up close the latest technologies that are planned, under construction or already developed, and get insight into the options for optimising work in the building and construction sector as a whole.

Above all, it is about improving the working environment on the construction site: Dust, noise, heavy lifting, unhealthy working postures, injuries and accidents all conspire to cause most tradesmen and construction workers to leave the construction industry in their 50s.

But robots, drones and automation can take care of a lot of the physically demanding manual processes in construction work, not only delivering strong financial benefits but also significant improvements in the working environment.

Tradesmen and construction workers, construction design engineers, architects, contractors and other construction industry visitors to the trade fair will gain insight into solutions designed to optimise the work in the industry – for the benefit of employers and employees.

It is free to visit R-24 – Registration opens in January 2024!

Visit R-24 and learn how robots can help you to:

  • Streamline the entire building process
    Let robots do the heavy, dirty and hazardous work – and do it faster.
  • Reduce material waste using technology
    The more the construction and manual work becomes digitalised, the greater overview you have of the construction site.
  • Prevent mistakes and increase safety
    Reduce the risk of collisions and work injuries using tools such as 3D machine control and other solutions that make the work more independent.
  • Save time and streamline with automated logistics
    Use transport robots that can cross terrain, ensuring the correct material is taken to where it is supposed to be.
  • Protect colleagues from dust and noise
    Let robots grind joints and do other tasks where it is perhaps difficult finding the manpower to do it. New technology can transform physically demanding tasks into interesting programming tasks.

Experience conferences about robots in construction at R-24.

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