Automate and save time and money in all activities that require people

Are you and your colleagues aware of the many new options already available using robots and automation created for the healthcare sector?

The developments in the technology have already made major leaps in recent years. At R-24, you can see the latest technologies and solutions your colleagues are already using to optimise their work tasks in the healthcare sector, including in hospitals, care homes, residencies and other busy workplaces.

Become inspired by their experiences from the automation of a wide range of processes and talk with developers and integrators who can help to automate precisely your work procedures.

It is free to visit R-24 – Registration opens in January 2024!

Visit R-24 and learn how robots can help you to:

  • Reduce physical exertion and prevent sickness absence at your workplace
    Improve the working environment using automation and robots that do the physically demanding, monotonous tasks.
  • Avoid being overwhelmed by greater numbers of senior citizens
    Meet the challenges resulting from greater numbers of senior citizens in society without wearing out personnel in the nursing and healthcare sector. Free up time and allow personnel to spend more quality time with patients and residents by delegating routine tasks to robots.
  • Retain and attract the best healthcare personnel
    Make nursing and healthcare in your region or municipality a much more attractive career choice because the technology has made the jobs healthier and more interesting.
  • Prevent the spread of infection at your workplace
    Use self-driving service robots to transport materials and for disinfection, etc, between departments in your workplace.
  • Find inspiration for devising a well-considered automation strategy
    Think about where in the task solution in your organisation people make a difference for residents and patients by being present and where they do not. Then begin to devise your well-considered automation strategy

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